Peggy Keall: A legacy of academic excellence at York University

The Social Science Department gathered recently at Black Creek Pioneer Patio to celebrate the career of Peggy Keall.

Professor Keall has held many positions since joining York in 1973. In addition to being a member of the Urban Studies Program, she was Master of Calumet College (1987-1995), as well as Undergraduate Program Director for the Department of Social Science (2003-07) and (2010-2017). She also founded Teachtec, a service for faculty members who wished to learn how to incorporate technologies in their teaching and research. Teachtec eventually became Learning Technology Services, a unit of University Information Services.

Professor Emerita Frances Frisken

Some of the speakers included Frances Frisken, a member of the York University faculty for 25 years as well as Kimberly White, an Associate Professor and former Chair of the Department. “[Peggy has] taken on the role of mentor, comrade, confidant, sounding-board, advocate, task master, den mother, partner in crime, and friend," said White during the celebration.  Teresa Abbruzzese also spoke about Peggy’s above-board dedication and commitment, while Doug Young read out remarks from Lisa Drummond, George Fallis and Linda Peake.

The celebration ended with Peggy saying a few words and, of course, cake.

Program Coordinator (HESO) and Assistant Professor, Peggy Keall