Natasha Tusikov writes op-ed in The Hill Times: "Data rights as human rights: the missing piece in Canada’s data strategy consultations process"

Canada’s data consultations have been insufficient to the scale of the challenge facing Canadians. If the government wants Canadians to have confidence that they understand the challenge of regulating a data-driven society, they need a do-over.


Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains, pictured in this file photograph. While the government’s decision to seek public input should be applauded, there were significant shortcomings with the consultation process, writes Natasha Tusikov. The Hill Times photograph by Sam Garcia


Canada is behind when it comes to responding to the challenges of the data-driven economy. In May 2018, the European Union implemented its General Data Protection Regulation after two decades of discussing how to regulate data. Brazil recently passed its data protection law, inspired by the EU law.

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