Prominent York Professor Retires

Faculty and staff from the Department of Social Science gathered together on December 7 to celebrate Professor Judith Hellman. Hellman is officially retiring from York after a distinguished career spanning over 45 years. Eduardo Canel and Viviana Patroni gave heartfelt tributes praising her for her many professional and personal accomplishments. Professors Eduardo Canel and Viviana Patroni […]

Easy Money The troubling rise of Canada’s payday-loan industry

Prof. Olena Kobzar 5/20/2015 ONE DAY LAST APRIL, I met Mark and Sarah (not their real names) at a McDonald’s down the block from their apartment, in Glenbrooke North, a mixed-income neighbourhood in New Westminster, British Columbia. The restaurant is kitty-corner from a nondescript mini-mall. A government-subsidized seniors’ complex and a BC Housing project are […]

Racism Is Endemic. What Role for Microfinance?

Prof. Caroline Shenaz Hossein 2/24/2015 Last June, in my hotel room in Delhi, I read in the Sunday edition of the Times of India that hiring white girls to work wedding parties is the new status symbol in Bangalore. Though this might sound surprising, alabaster skin as the ideal of beauty (and the status that […]

Who's unionized? Demographic shift shows changes in the job market

Prof. Stephanie Ross 6/12/2015 The makeup of Canada's unionized workforce has changed, according to Statistics Canada. For most of the 20th Century, the blue-collar male worker was the face of the labour movement. Machinists, miners, auto-workers, steelworkers, construction workers; your average union member was a man working in a manufacturing or trade industry. [read more...]