HESO Prof. Megan Davies talks with yFile about History in Practice (HiP) and mental health

History in Practice website provides instructors with resources on critical perspectives of mental health

Due to the impacts of vast changes in our lives from COVID-19, York University course instructors may be thinking about connecting with mental health in their teaching this year. For this, the online source History in Practice (HiP) offers a terrific starting point.

“The fact that we present mental health from the perspective of those who experience mental health differences makes HiP different from the other existing resources in this area," said Megan J. Davies, an associate professor in the Department of Social Science and HiP website guardian. "It allows us to expand on academic understandings of the subject.

“We’re less concerned with labels and diagnoses, and more focused on factors such as living conditions, community supports and advocacy.”

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Colleagues interested in mental health, innovations in pedagogy or social justice projects can follow the project on social media.